Your are fighting to avert your foreclosure? You are fighting an unfair battle against a former partner. He now perceives you only as an annoying balance sheet item. You need the help of a partner who knows how this game is played.

Our client has over 25 years of experience around the topic of foreclosure and bank liquidation. Since the 2007 banking regulation (Basel III), it is almost hopeless to reschedule debt or obtain a bridge loan after a security mortgage has been registered. Many dubious “helpers” are now contacting you and offering “help”. Lately, we are seeing more and more people asking us for help and have already paid some “helpers” a lot of money for services to be rendered.

Although there was no coherent concept for the preservation of the property or a basic renovation, those seeking help were asked to pay in advance. In none of the cases we experienced that the conceptions and the objective of the assistance-looking for were converted. If a refinancing over one of the few banks, which finance despite negative Schufa, is not possible, our investors and partners of many years come into play: With the help of a possibility created by the legislator you can avert the auction.

You remain in your house and in addition a whole year without monthly costs for rent, interest or repayment. You are to use this year to reorganize your finances and reestablish your creditworthiness on good terms. You remain the owner and can decide for yourself what will happen to your house. We will be happy to show you your options free of charge.

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When things have to move quickly, banks often hide behind formalities and bureaucracy. We offer owners of low- or no-load real estate unbureaucratic liquidity of up to 2.5 million euros.

If your credit institution is too slow, your advanced age or even a tarnished creditworthiness / negative credit rating is the reason, contact us. We completely dispense with a credit check and focus solely on the value of the property. Same day processing and absolute discretion are a matter of course for us.


We check for you discreetly, free of charge and quickly, whether the pending foreclosure can be averted.

To avert your auction, you need to take action and work with us!
Our investors provide the capital to pay off your creditors, but here’s what you need to contribute if you want to avert the auction.

1. Do not hesitate, contact us. In a foreclosure auction time is running against you and every day counts.

2. Forget about your shame. It is understandable that you do not like to talk about this situation, especially not with strangers. However, we have been dealing with this on a daily basis for many years now.

3. Work with us! Please fill out the contact form below. You will then receive a power of attorney from our client, who will then quickly obtain the documents needed to save your property.

4. You must be available and – if necessary – cooperate.

5. The service is free of charge for you.